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Wasgij Original 21: Football Fever! (Two Puzzles) - Plus Free 54 Piece Puzzle


Item no. 17408 | Piece count: 2 x 1000 | Year of release: 2014

Football Fever has hit the nation and this family are cheering on their beloved national team competing at this summer’s football tournament. The family are dressed head to toe in football scarfs, shirts, hats and even slippers for granddad. But as the ball is cleared from the opposing penalty box, the striker is too busy starring at something happening behind the family watching the game, to notice the ball smack him on the back of the head! But what could have possible distracted the football player on the television? That is the image of the ‘solution’ jigsaw puzzle you have to piece together! Remember – this is a 2 x 1000 piece Wasgij set where you can piece together the image shown above AND the ‘solution’ image.

Including FREE Wasgij football wall chart.

Each puzzle measures approx 68 x 49cm once completed.

Free 54 Piece Puzzle with this order
Item no. 91021 | Piece count: 54 | Year of release: 2019

For Age 12+

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