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It's a busy day at the quarry! Introducing Merrick and Rock Crusher play- table sized set.

At the quarry, Merrick is swinging cargo high above the tracks. Down below, Thomas and Luke are busy chuffing around the rock crusher, where boulders are broken into smaller stones.

Merrick is a sleepy crane and is usually found snoring away at the Blue Mountain Quarry...when there is no work to do. Once he's needed, Merrick is wide awake and ready to swing any boulder down to the stone cutting shed.

The set includes:

  • Thomas
  • Luke
  • Cargo Car with magnetic cargo
  • Merrick the Crane: Turn the knob on Merrick to lift and lower magnetic cargo
  • Rock Crusher: Press down on the rock crusher to "crush" rocks into gravel
  • Mining Tunnel Bridge: helps trains move up & over, down & through as they travel around the quarry
  • A selection of track

For Age 3+

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