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The Lift and Load Cargo Set is a set depicting the Tidmouth Transfer Yards. The transfer crane can slide left or right and have its magnet raised or lowered. The overheard cargo loader can drop cargo into a waiting car with the push of a lever. And choosing which track to take is as easy as turning the knob on the 4-way crossing.

This crane operator has her work cut out for her. When Charlie and the Troublesome Trucks are on the job, it’s like herding cats! Is Charlie joking around? Are the Troublesome Trucks being difficult? When’s her next break?? This set provides endless inspiration for amazing kid-crafted tales.

The Lift & Load Cargo Set comes with two track adaptors that are compatible with other wood track systems, including classic Thomas & Friends™ Wooden Railway (sold separately and subject to availability). 


  • Charlie
  • Blue Troublesome Truck
  • Grey Troublesome Truck
  • Two Cargo Pieces
  • Crane Operator
  • Overhead Cargo Loader
  • Sliding Transfer Crane
  • Tidmouth Transfer Yards Sign
  • Three Straight Track pieces
  • Four Curved Track pieces
  • Three-Way Switch Track piece
  • Four Track to Surface Ramps
  • Two Wooden Railway to Wood track adapters

For Age 3+

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