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DODGE - BRIO 32332


Very Rare Vintage Collectors Item

Dodge is a Brio engine released in 2000

Dodge hails from the Thomas and Friends television special Thomas and the Magic Railroad.

Dodge is one of the two bantering minions of Diesel 10. He is the more intelligent of the two.

Dodge is based on a six wheeled diesel shunter and is painted in olive green/yellow and gray with a surprised expression on his face. The word "DODGE" is printed on the sides, along with some diesel paneling detail.

Product Description
The back of the engine has a special sticker that reads "BRIO - (copyright) Britt Allcroft (Thomas) Limited 1996". A small catalogue flyer is also included inside the package.

Brio is a wooden toy company that once made Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends toys compatible with Learning Curve's Wooden Railway range from 1996-2000. BRIO received their license to sell Thomas the Tank Engine trains in the U.K. in 1996, though production did not begin until 1997 and product brochures weren’t printed until 1998. All Thomas products were marketed under the name “Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends”, save for Lady, Diesel 10, Dodge, and Splatter, which were marketed under “Thomas and the Magic Railroad” after the release of the movie of the same name in the year 2000. BRIO lost their license in 2001.

Made in Sweden
For Age 2+

This is a very old and rare item and it shows in the packaging. Please look closely at all images to see the condition of the box.

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