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Rare and Collectable - 2006 Packaging

The NW Brakevan is a Learning Curve Coach released in 1999

The NW Brakevan (otherwise known as the Spiteful Brakevan) is a nasty and scheming brakevan.

The brake van took an instant dislike to Douglas and purposely delayed his trains, with Douglas subsequently being the one directly and unfairly blamed. Donald, angry for how his brother was being treated by the brake van, bumped him violently to teach him a lesson. The brake van would then behave better for several days.

However, the brake van's attitude adjustment was short-lived after Donald ran into the signal box at Knapford. With Donald indisposed, the brake van no longer took his threats seriously and continued his old tricks when he was saddled with James. Douglas, as a result, had to help James up Gordon's Hill. James was short of steam and the brake van was soon squeezed between both the troublesome trucks and Douglas. By Douglas' force, he subsequently crushed the brake van into pieces. The brake van never got rebuilt after that and was scrapped.

Character Card included

For Age 2+

This is a very old and rare item. Please look closely at all images to see the condition of the box (slight dent in the centre of the front packaging). 

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