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Philip is an enthusiastic and energetic diesel boxcab with a big personality. He works as a shunting engine at Knapford Station and he lives at Wellsworth Sheds. Though not as fast or strong as he thinks, he's always eager to help.

Philip is a comic character and a bit of a class clown. He is very eager and full of enthusiasm and he has an innocent, but very overblown sense of his own capabilities. Philip can be very funny, but some of the bigger engines have very little patience for the little boxcab, and find him annoying. Philip is strong, fast and likes to hurry about and can constantly boast about it. But Philip's confidence is as big if not bigger than anyone's and he is always willing to try and definitely believes in himself. His actions and attitude soon won him many new friends on Sodor, especially Thomas and Percy, but Gordon and James find his bragging a little hard to accept.

Despite this, Philip can be the exact opposite if he chooses to. He is shown being quiet and enjoying the scenery, just like Toby.

All in all, Philip reminds Edward of Thomas when he first came to Sodor.

For Age 2+

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